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Winner Junior Account

When you teach your kids about managing money and how to save, you are helping them develop good financial habits that will last for a lifetime. Kids do apply most of what they are taught by the parents. teach your children to save early in their lives and you will be amazed at the people they become. Covenant Bank is bringing you Winner Junior Savings account for this purpose.

• Available to children up to 14 years of age
• Minimum opening balance of TZS 10,000/- or USD 10/-
• One withdrawal per annum
• It allows a child to deposit his/her savings into the account through ATMs.

• Competitive interest rates
• No monthly fees and charges
• Free Winner bank account card
• If no withdrawal, account gets additional 50% more interest to the applicable rate ie if rate is 15%, then you will get 7.5%

How to Apply
• Complete account opening forms
• Copy of Birth Certificate
• 2 passport size photos of the child and parent/guradian
• Minimum balance of TZS 10,000/- or USD 10/-
• Identity card of the parent/guardian